Lightworks 1 of 5: Setting Up a Project

Lightworks 2 of 5: Top and Tailing

Lightworks 3 of 5: Adding Subtitles

Lightworks 4 of 5: Adding secondary audio

Lightworks 5 of 5: Adding a Logo and Exporting


Splice and MySubtitle


Splice and MySubtitle: Part 1 of 2

This video focusses on editing and adding music in Splice.

Splice and MySubtitle: Part 2 of 2

This video focusses on adding subtitles in MySubtitle.




Audacity: 1 of 2

Audacity: 2 of 2

I pressed stop just before I realised that I hadn't briefly mentioned that when you save an Audacity project, it will save in a format that will only open in Audacity. Simply click 'File' and then 'Save Project' to do this, it will allow you to open and edit the same project numerous times. It's the same as with Lightworks, Splice, except for the fact that you don't have to save/setup a new project at the start. As I mention at the start of the first video in this tutorial, it works like a simple Word document. It is important to note that, when you export a WAV/MP3 file, that is not the same as saving the Audacity project itself.