Marketing & Business Development Consultancy


Is my business relevant?

From sole-traders working part-time on a hobby that has potential to provide them with a small income to companies with turnover’s in excess of €2m, Brian’s clients’ businesses come in all shapes and sizes.

From make-up artists, grass-cutters and nightclubs to actors, newsagents and electricians, Brian regularly works with customers across an extensive span of industries.

Simple and effective plans can be put in place for you, regardless of your business-type.


If you’re stuck for time/availability, Brian regularly conducts video meetings (Skype, Google Hangouts or similar) to facilitate customers who are unable to meet in person - Brian has a number of customers outside of Ireland who solely rely on this method of communication!

For pricing, more information or to speak to Brian directly, you can contact Brian here.

About Brian’s Consultancy

Brian specialises in working closely alongside self-employed individuals and the owners/managers of smaller companies where a large marketing/development budget is not an option.


Using the ‘teach someone to fish’ method, over the course of just a few sessions, Brian will learn the fundamentals of your business, as well as your own strengths and limitations, with the aim of creating a simple and effective plan that will help you grow your business. Brian will then follow-up to see how you’re getting on and make any amendments, where necessary - it’s as easy as that!

Not only has it proven to be very manageable for Brian’s clients to work with him rather than outsourcing, it’s also far more cost-effective to learn how to maintain your strategies yourself, with the guidance of a professional, rather than the costly ‘approach’ of not considering how effective simple tips can be to your business.

How it Works

Each business is different, for instance, many of Brian’s clients have set monthly sessions with him to ensure that their plans are kept on track and updated. While others often have a great business idea but just want to learn marketing and business basics and they book a small number of sessions.


Generally speaking, in just the first 60/90 minute session, Brian will learn enough about you and your business to create a simple and effective marketing and/or business development plan that will work for you. You will then take some time to put it into action (usually at least 2 weeks). In every session after that, Brian will simply meet with you to follow-up to see how you/your team are managing with everything, identify any changes that need to be made, train you in any required places that are needed and ensure that your plan is working for your business.

For your plan to work effectively for your business, you have to find what works for you!

What’s Covered?

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Brian will assess a variety of elements to your business. Below are just some common examples:

  • Identifying your unique selling points

  • General website quality

  • Social media usage/growth

  • Business model

  • Existing marketing/business strategies

  • Customer service strategies

  • General business branding

  • Range of products

  • Promotions

  • Appearance of premises: layout, in-store advertising, etc.

  • Written materials (such as email templates that you use to pitch your business. For more information on this, click here)