Brian Connolly is a creative professional. Brian is a Marketing & Business Development Manager/Consultant, Broadcast Producer and Composer from Dublin, Ireland. Having starting out his journey into music and sound while being fascinated by the use of music in marketing and media, Brian's focus naturally shifted towards investigating the greater roles of sound, visuals and perception within music, broadcasting and digital media. While completing his Bachelor of Music degree (BMus) at Maynooth University, Brian began working as a freelance composer and consultant for sound imaging and commercial production within the radio industry, while also working as a broadcast monitor in the media monitoring sector.

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Work for Brian in broadcast production continues today with his work as Sound Producer for the iTunes Award-winning An Irishman Abroad podcast network. Brian also continues to work in audio branding and marketing & business development consultancy, in which he specialises in training individuals to manage their own business strategies.

Upon the completion of an MA in Computer Music, Brian's fascination with sound, perception and music composition led him to undertake a PhD in music composition at Maynooth University in 2012, having been awarded the John and Pat Hume Scholarship. For Brian's doctoral studies, research focus concerned non-linear psychoacoustic phenomena and their potential in turning the inner ear into a musical instrument. Over the next four years, Brian successfully built both a local and international brand around his research by presenting his work through concert performances and paper presentations at conferences, festivals, symposia and other research-based events around the world. During the four academic years of his PhD, Brian had teaching duties at Maynooth University in which he lectured acoustics and psychoacoustics to undergraduate and postgraduate students. From September to December 2016 Brian also had part-time teaching position in the same area at the University.