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The start of Brian’s career in marketing involved both music and broadcasting through his writing of sound packages for audio branding and music for commercials. Brian’s research interests led him towards production and presenting documentary material. Below are two such radio documentaries that Brian has output.


Making Waves - WGXC New York

Brian produced and presented this episode of Making Waves for NAISA. In this episode Brian spoke with Chantal Dumas and Sonia Paço-Rocchia, both of whom were featured artists at the Sound Travels event at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium. Both sound artists spoke about their journey from their earliest involvements in sound art to their creative approaches today. Chantal outlines the influence of geology in the presentation of her work 'Nazca Plate', while Sonia discusses her piece 'Scies' in which the resonance of saw blades and other industrial tools is explored.

Why Music Can't Stay Still - RTÉ lyric fm

Why Music Can't Stay Still is a documentary that Brian wrote and presented which looked at computer music in Ireland from its inception in the hands of composers like Roger Doyle to its current standing in the electroacoustic compositions of some of Ireland’s foremost composers. This programme covered the developments from the primordial American computer labs of the 1960s to the cutting edge programming being carried out in dedicated electroacoustic centres around Ireland today. It explored the realm of possibilities this technology offers to composers – and to listeners. From voice synthesis to Auto-Tune, the proliferation of personal computing equipment has made it possible for more people than ever before to be engaged in the exploration of modern technology and music. Why Music Can’t Stay Still investigates this beguiling technology.  Contributors include Dublin Sound Lab, Linda Buckley, Ian Wilson, Dr. Victor Lazzarini and David Stalling.