Copywriting Service

how would you rate the quality of your emails?

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Your business may have huge potential, but your first point of contact with a customer or important supplier may be through email and your standard of writing will directly impact on their perception of you and your business. It’s not your fault that your writing/typing ability may not necessarily be of a very high standard.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Having strong writing skills is a significant benefit to how you are represented in a world where email correspondence is increasingly common in business.

But there is no need to worry, you can always consider contacting Brian to write your frequently-used content and you can simply copy and paste from then on!

do you frequently send the same type of emails?

If you send similar emails regularly, such as

  • Quotations

  • General Follow Ups

  • Booking Confirmations

  • Advertisements

  • Distributor Requests

  • Social Media Campaigns

then having a template document saved for each one that you can make slight changes to each time is a huge time-saver.

Brian regularly works with clients in creating well-written and crafted template documents that immediately increase the professionalism of their business.

As a result of Brian’s PhD research, lecturing and publication background, Brian has excellent writing skills which you can use to add value to your business.

For pricing, more information or to speak to Brian directly, you can contact Brian here.